Within the Honoris Dubai project, we are making three different types of investments:

Into income properties

Into hotel accommodation capacities

Direct financial investments into growth projects in the UAE

The return parameters of the Dubai real estate market are increasingly outperforming comparable markets in Europe thus representing one of the best and safest options for those looking for investments with interesting appreciation.

The current war and the resulting political, economic and security risks are of no concern to the UAE. On the contrary, Dubai has been strengthening its position in these difficult times and is becoming even more than before a globally sought-after, economically strong and extremely secure location.

Clients who purchase our corporate bonds are able to participate in long-term prospective investments in Dubai and thus protect their funds from rising inflation.

Investment in income property

Here is a selection from our portfolio of real estate projects in Dubai.


One of the most luxurious buildings in Dubai is located on the seafront in Dubai Marina. The standard here is five-star plus (“ultra-luxury”) - 24/7 Concierge, Valet parking, a 23-metre infinity pool overlooking the Dubai Marina, a 3,700 sqm fitness…

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Completed in the second half of 2021, at 240m the Palm Tower skyscraper is the tallest building on Palm Jumeirah. Its construction has been underway since 2014 and has been somewhat delayed due to the covid pandemic. All the more reason why today there is…

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The American SLS Group focuses on combining luxury and an attractive modern style in its hotels and apartment projects. Its highly successful hotels in Miami, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and the Bahamas work with world-renowned designers such as Philippe…

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One of the newest projects is located in Downtown Dubai. The elegant, luxuriously designed apartments have spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and the Dubai Fountain, with the world-famous Dubai Mall in the immediate vicinity.

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Investments in hotel accommodation capacities

We invest in hotel rooms in popular resorts in Dubai, where occupancy levels are well
above average for most of the year. The flagship of this part of our investments
is the FIVE PALM Jumeirah Hotel, the most popular tourist resort on the legendary Palm Jumeirah.


The popular five-star resort FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel is sought after by the most discerning international clientele. It has a private beach, five outdoor pools and several restaurants run by world-class chefs.

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Direct financial investments

An attractive long-term investment option with above-average returns is direct
financial investments in growth projects in the Emirate of Dubai – for example,
the construction of commercial or residential properties, the development of fast-growing
local mail-order (Delivery Van) companies, the construction of new campuses
for children from English-speaking families or the expansion of School Buses Yellow
across the UAE.


LIMMAT CAPITAL DWC-LLC has become one of the financial investors in the construction of the new "The Village Shopping Complex" strategically located near Dubai''s populous Wasl Village.

The Village Shopping Complex is expected to mainly cater the…

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LIMMAT CAPITAL DWC-LLC is preparing to enter into several financing projects for the construction of new residential and commercial buildings. We are focusing on the districts in the Greater Downtown area of Dubai, which are currently undergoing massive…

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Below we present a selection of our other direct financial investments.