Each investor in the Honoris Dubai
project will receive a fixed return
of 8% p.a. between 2022 and 2030.

The yield is paid twice a year, the first 50% in June and the second 50% in December.

The Honoris Group will issue several corporate bond issues in succession, starting in January 2022, exclusively to finance investments in the Dubai real estate market. The first issue, called HD Financing Alfa 3/8 in CZK currency, is issued for a term of three years, while the second issue, called HD Financing Beta 4/8 in EUR currency, is issued for a term of four years.

The investor becomes the owner of the investment bonds. Termination of the contract by the client is possible at any time with a notice period of 12 months. If the client wishes to reinvest for a further period of the same length, this reinvestment is automatic.

The issuer of the bonds is always a domestic company from the Honoris Group, so the yield is guaranteed to all clients in the Czech Republic. The real estate investments are made through our investment company LIMMAT CAPITAL DWC-LLC based in Dubai, license number 10557.


In the United Arab Emirates, legal opportunities for foreign investors to enter this market have recently become available.

As Dubai has remained open during the covid era, it has gained a competitive advantage against other comparable markets (e.g. Miami).

Dubai is gradually becoming an increasingly important centre of global business, with both capital and labour flowing in from all over the world.

The World Expo, held in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022, has helped to further accelerate the all-round development of this city and emirate.

The real estate market has a large number of properties as well as development projects under construction, and unit prices of properties are on an upward trend, in some cases by an order of tens of percent.

At the same time, there is a steady increase in demand for long- and short-term rentals, resulting in relatively high rental prices.

Yields are therefore currently in a wide range of 5%-20% p.a.

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