From 2024 onwards, every investor in Honoris Dubai project will receive a fixed income of 10% p.a.

The investment is secured and guaranteed in the Czech Republic for all our clients.

A client who chooses to hedge their investment in the form of corporate bonds will become the owner of securities – investment bonds denominated in the client's name. From 2024 onwards, all Honoris Dubai issues include a possibility of termination by client with a 12-month notice period.

We pay the yield to clients twice a year.

The Honoris Dubai project is covered in the Czech Republic by LIMMAT CAPITAL, a.s. and Dubai Investments, a.s.

LIMMAT CAPITAL, a.s. has a fully paid-up share capital of 100,000,000 CZK.

Bond Honoris Dubai – return of 10% p.a.


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