After several years of monitoring the potential and opportunities in foreign markets, we have decided to make a long-term investment in the United Arab Emirates. We established our own investment company, LIMMAT CAPITAL DWC-LLC, based in Dubai.


Given the all-round successful development of the Emirate of Dubai in recent years and the associated significant increase in the potential for new business opportunities, our next step was to establish our own investment fund, HONORIS WEALTH FUND INVESTMENTS - FZCO, again based in Dubai.

The Fund will focus on sourcing, administering and managing investments in the UAE over the long term with the aim of achieving above-average return on investment (ROI).

The current strong trend of shifting large amounts of capital, human resources and business and investment activities to Dubai from other parts of the world (particularly Europe and Russia) is an important prerequisite for our vision of continued successful presence in this market.


Ing. Michal Herych

Michal was born in Prague and graduated from the University of Economics. Since 1990 he started to gain experience in the financial and investment sphere, gradually developing into a respected entrepreneur and investor on an international scale.

Michal is the owner of the Honoris Group holding company and manages the group's activities in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and several other countries. Honoris Group includes 30 companies, operating mainly in the finance, investment and insurance sectors.

As the founder and chief strategist of the Honoris Dubai project, he has been developing the Group's growth investments in the United Arab Emirates in recent years.

JUDr. Marian Vasil, LL.B, LL.M

Marian was born in Košice, graduated from the prestigious UCL University of London and subsequently gained work experience in the City of London.

Marian has been a long-standing attorney and is a sought-after advisor on tax issues in international financial transactions. He is a co-owner of Vasil & Partners law group and London-based consultancy group Benson Formations.

He is a director of Honoris Wealth Fund Investments within Honoris Dubai project. He is an established entrepreneur in the UAE with a history since 2016.

Rennie Sanger

Rennie is a native of London where he also studied and gained work experience in the real estate industry for a number of years.

After deciding to leave the UK and capitalise on the experience gained in another promising market, Rennie moved to Dubai where he lives permanently and profiles as a real estate expert.

As part of the Honoris Dubai project, he is a director of LIMMAT CAPITAL DWC-LLC investment company.

Honoris Group is a financial and investment group, active in the market since 1999.


We operate primarily in the finance, investment and insurance sectors. The Group's activities are international in nature, most of our investments are made in foreign markets.

We have also been involved in Wealth Management for a long time, and our clients include a number of prominent sports personalities.

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